Wise Contracting has been known for its ability to move just about anything big or small. Using its cranes, forklifts and other specialty equipment, Wise Contracting has lifted, set or offloaded trusses, tanks, beams, steeples, machines, mausoleums, sculptures, train cars, light poles, roofing materials, decking, modular buildings, conveyors, transformers, signs, awnings, chillers, pumps, trees, spas, A/C units, steel, dies, crushers, shipping crates, blowers, log home kits and pipe.

  While he continues to enjoy the challenge of lifting and moving all of those types of objects, Wise says his company has moved more toward meeting the needs of industry who need to move machinery because of new installations, expansions or re-tooling.

Wise has purchased new equipment that increases his ability to perform that type work and has apparently gained the respect of local industries to do the work to their exacting specifications.

“We've done work for local industries, and now they're calling us back to do additional work,” said Wise. “There's nothing better than repeat business.”

Wise Contracting either owns or leases all the heavy-duty cranes needed for moving machinery, including a small crane for inside plant work. His equipment ranges from a 8 ton crane to a 75 ton crane, but he can rent larger cranes if a job calls for it.

He also recently acquired a 50,000 pound fork lift which is particularly useful in moving machinery.

Wise said even when industries are not expanding, they often have the need for moving heavy machines. That often happens when an industry reaches the end of a model year for its product.

“It causes the plants to do some line and machine changing to upgrade or modify their equipment to make a different product or different style of product,” explained Wise.

He said industries also sometimes need him to move a machine to a shop where it receives maintenance or has to be rebuilt.

“It's a sizable task to move a machine out of a working line where space is limited and get it to an area where it can be repaired or modified for a new product,” said Wise.

He is also doing a lot of work for local plants that are expanding.


“It seems that most of our plants are doing some type of expansion,” he said. “As new equipment comes in, we put a lot of that equipment in place.”

“It's those type of jobs that we like, and hopefully we can provide those plants the best service they can get at a reasonable cost,” he said.

Wise said even with the new business he is enjoying from working with local industries, he will focus on continuing to keep his company small “and grow as I feel there is a need.” He said that approach helps him retain experienced employees rather than expand, hire new people and then perhaps have to cut back.

“My workforce turnover is very low, and I like to keep it that way,” said Wise. “My employees have given me 110 percent last year and that's what has made my company successful.”

Because of his employees and a growing industrial community, Wise said his business has grown with the county.

“ Hardin County “It's one of the best places you can live and work, as far as I'm concerned.”